If you are suffering with a mental/emotional health problem, I am right with you, I understand!!!

Having battled my own mental health issue PTSD, worked with sufferers of mental health problems and lived with a sufferer…you could say I have a pretty good understanding of how it feels from different angles.

And I have always been against the stigma of mental health, No-one is immune!! I am a believer in, that if we ignore our emotions for too long it will affect us physically too… a double whammy.

Dynamic Advanced Hypnotherapy was the only therapy that worked for me, getting to the root cause in very few sessions. No papering over the cracks with this therapy!!!

I had experienced counselling and CBT which to be honest made me feel worse and the medication would only suppress my emotions further.

Having owned horses for most of my life they too played a crucial role in my recovery. Their reflections of my illness was the start of my need to recover and get myself ‘back on track’ I couldn’t have my horses behaviour becoming so unpredictable that it was dangerous, because of me.

I was advised to have Hypnotherapy, to be honest I was sceptical….but it worked in very few sessions. Once I was over the worst, out of the depression state, I was keen to explore more and learn about the incredible gift that horses offer naturally.

I trained in Equine Assisted Learning and Growth at the same time I trained with the Atkinson-Ball College of Advanced Hypnotherapy.

Often people come to me for therapy as a last resort, and why not? its what I did, but I wish Id have known about this method of Advanced Hypnotherapy (yes there are different types of hypnotherapy) a lot sooner!!

“It is the mind alone, that chains us, or sets us free” are you ready to be set free?